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Academy represents the "formative" part of the event. Students from secondary and high schools of Val d'Arda are annually involved in a "competition" aimed at analyzing problems and issues related to the logistics world.


The goal is threefold: (1) bringing the new generations to get to know more deeply the world of transport, (2) showing the means that have "made history", but above all (3) promoting new employment opportunities in view of a better future. The aim is thus to invest in the present by starting from the analysis of the past, and looking for a new and better future.



How do Alberti & Santi and F.lli Cattadori invest in the present?


By sponsoring a "competition" which provides for the victory of several technological prizes which can be used in schools.


Innovation was - and still is - the key word on which "Dal giocattolo alla realtà" is based.

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