Our "mission"

"Dal giocattolo alla realtà" comes from the will of the companies Alberti and Santi and F.lli Cattadori to bring the world of transport close to young generations, and revive vintage truck enthusiasts a unique and unforgettable experience. A real educational project, aimed at sensitizing the new generations on the importance of transport in the Italian economy.


Hence, Culture, tradition and territory become three engines of innovation on which the two companies have decided to invest in order to make a "step forward" towards the future of logistics.

International transport company and integrated logistics.



International trucking company


"I grew up with the "smell" of naphtha and a strong passion for trucks, which I daily cultivated and which became passion through two important associations committed in preserving the memory for "pieces of history": CICS and  AITE

Piero Zavattaro

" My brother Carlo and I have turned our passion for trucks into a job, which took form through both transport companies and authorized workshops.

It is the same passion that I found in Piero and that pushed me to promote this event." 

Franco Cattadori